Menarche at the Student Wordsmith (highly commended nominee for Best Prose on their website, 2016)

Sea Monsters at Slink Chunk Press (reprinted at the Story Shack with artwork by Alexandria Heather)

Parazodiox at Wordhaus (reprinted at Mantid Magazine) 

Crackpot at 365 Tomorrows (reprinted at the Story Shack with artwork by Nevena Katalina)

Sunday at Ramona Magazine

Those Three Days at 200 CCs (Easter contest winner)

PSYCH/SICK/SYC at Moonsick Magazine

Necro at Microfiction Monday Magazine

Djinn Mustard at the Fable Online

Equinox at Sea Foam Magazine

Boxing Day at Ramona Magazine

Toxic Shock at Vending Machine Press

rust at Meat for Tea: the Valley Review (available for purchase in print only, Ceylon issue)

Headache at Quatrain Fish

Tragician at Fifty Word Stories

Piranpa at Antipodean Sci Fi

Spelunk[a] at Slink Chunk Press

Manic Pixie at Dime Show Review

Bruxism at Literary Orphans

hagridden at Pidgeonholes

mousetrap at Antarctica Journal

Dubai at Sea Foam Magazine

Eureka, Veruca at the Drabble

Saturn’s Return at the Zetetic Record of Unusual Inquiry

She at Polychrome Ink (available for purchase in print only, Volume IV)

Bubblegloop at the Story Shack

California Rocket Fuel at Borfski Press (p.125, available for purchase in print only, Volume I)

The Internet as a Mirror: How Our Online Lives Reflect and Refine Us at Upwrite Magazine

Just a Man at Persephone’s Daughters

The Boys Who Stay Golden at Rose Water Mag 

Dancing Dunce at Blink Ink (available for purchase in print only, Issue #27)

Hops and Hopelessness at Blink Ink (available for purchase in print only, Issue #27)

My Name Isn’t Earl at Esperanto Magazine

Diversity in a Virtual Universe at Rose Water Mag

Bechdel Badasses at Rose Water Mag

Witchcraft in the Modern Workplace at Rose Water Mag

Xeitgeist at Rose Water Mag

Fee, Fie, Foe, Femme at Rose Water Mag

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wilt at the Gambler Mag

Asbestos Breath at the Molotov Cocktail

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gross glitter at F*EMS Zine (available for purchase in print only, Issue #9)


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